Record quicker. Speak confidently.

Speakflow is more than teleprompter software — it’s a better way to create content. Creators that use Speakflow record videos quicker and deliver speeches clearly and concisely. Use it to share information, pitch, convince, and sale.

How it works

Speakflow is an application that runs in your website browser. There's nothing to download to your computer, phone or tablet.

In short, you can create an account, create scripts, and use our teleprompter to help you give speeches, record video content, and more.

With Flow mode, the page will scroll automatically using speech recognition.

It's not magic, but it kinda feels like it.

Get started for free

Free users can create one script, limited to 2000 characters.

Pro users can create unlimited scripts with no character limits, and all the features below:


Scrolls with you

Speakflow can follow along as you read. There's nothing to download or install so you can get started quickly.


Never lose sight of your audience

Video meetings? Virtual conference? Set other app windows as the background so you can always see your audience.


Sync multiple devices

Remote allows you to sync your script and settings across multiple devices. As you read, all of your devices scroll in sync.

Create your account

To get started, create an account using your email and a unique password. Once your account is created, you'll be able to create scripts and read them with the teleprompter.

Write scripts

To create a script, sign into your account and click "New script". When creating a script, you can add a title and either 1) copy/paste an existing script or 2) type a new script into the text area.

You can also add formatting to the text. For example, if you have 2 people reading from the script, you can set different colors for each speakers' parts. You can also add emphasis by underlining or making words bold.

Using the teleprompter

Getting started

Once you've saved the script to your account, you can click "View" to read the script and use the teleprompter.

After you click the "Start" button in the bottom, left hand corner, your browser will prompt you to allow to access your microphone. Once you've given access, you can start speaking and the page will scroll as you speak.

As you speak, individual words will underline to indicate that the app "heard" you. After 15 seconds of silence, the browser will automatically stop listening. To start listening again, click "Start" again.


Alignment: You can left align or center the text
Text size: Allows you to change the size of the text
Flip: Horizontally flips the text on the screen so that it's usable with physical teleprompter devices
Restart: Resets the teleprompter (including settings)